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If you are shipping a container to Central America, you are likely to be shipping through the world's busiest shipping hubs - the Panama Canal. According to sophisticated GPS tracking devices that measure real-time shipping traffic, the Panama Canal ranks ahead of the Suez Canal and Shanghai in volume of traffic. What does this mean for you, the customer who is shipping your household goods in a container to Central America? It should give you the confidence you need to entrust your precious personal goods to an international container shipping company.

Shipping a container to Central America or any other overseas destination can be a daunting experience for the average person who doesn't understand the container shipping industry. You see pictures of giant container vessels, each of which carries thousands of separate containers and wonder how they will keep track of your container. You read sensational stories about piracy on the high seas. On the rare occasion when a container vessel mishap occurs, it makes the evening news. Then you hear stories about strikes at container ports in distant countries. Will your container to Central America be held up outside the port when a labor dispute arises?

While it is understandable that you might have such fears, you can easily overcome them if you look at the facts. Statistically, the odds against your container vessel being hijacked by pirates are virtually zero. Yes, there are pirates on the high seas, but they never attempt to hijack a giant container vessel. It's a virtual impossibility. Yes, there was a container ship mishap a couple of years ago in a European port, but it was quickly contained. As for a strike holding up delivery of your container to Central America: it's less likely to happen than a strike holding up delivery of your local mail.

The container shipping industry was one of the greatest industrial phenomena of the 20th century. While the rise of high tech industries was the most visible economic booms of the late 20th century, the container shipping industry quietly was largely responsible for that, as well as the rest of the world's economic growth throughout the boom years of the late 20th century. In fact, many economists say that container shipping was the largest single factor that contributed to the change from local economies to a global economy. Emerging economies like China, Brazil and India certainly owe a debt of gratitude to container vessels. Before you could ship a container to Central America or through Central America via the Panama Canal, the high cost of shipping goods manufactured in distant countries made it impossible for them to compete in the international arena. Container ships changed all that.

So don't worry. Your household goods are in good hands when you ship a container to Central America. In less than fifty years, international container shipping companies have standardized all of their operations and made shipping a container to Central America from the U.S. or anywhere else as routine as delivering a letter. In fact, it's even safer to ship a container to Central America than it is to send a letter!

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